TEGENDRAADS is a Dutch embroidery company. That's right, embroidery is back!


Inspired by ancient techniques of embroidery, TEGENDRAADS reconsiders this art by using a new method of production to create tight digitized designs on clothes. 


In an age filled with disposable designs using quick 'screen printing' techniques, TEGENDRAADS distinguishes itself by the high quality of its products. Through skillful use and combination of fine threads, the high-speed 15-wires ultrasonic embroidery machine creates subtle colored designs. This modern method enables this designer to make wearable art pieces at the level of true craftsmanship. On top of that Tegendraads is part of the young conscious design wave, using ecological materials.


The designer and creator, Thijs van Buuren, acquired all fundamental technical skills by first studying graphic design at ArtEZ Arnhem and finally broadened his knowledge at Industrial Product Design IPO Rotterdam.


Sustainable artistic craftsmanship, this is embroidery of the 21st century, this is TEGENDRAADS.


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