Delivery Information


We send out your order within 7 days after receipt of your order. Unless otherwise

specified individually agreed upon. If you request a specific date to process your

order, we'll wait until that day so it does not arrive too early. 

We will send the order to the specified address, if specified wrong by the

consumer, Tegendraads cannot take responsibility for the lost goods.

In addition, to details about the item on offer, you will also receive information on

when it is available. Please remember, however, that this information is not a

binding or guaranteed shipping date, but simply a guideline indicating the

anticipated date.

All items which are not available on the date of shipping will have to be re-

ordered, there will be no subsequent deliveries. You will be informed of this

situation as soon as possible. Generally a 30-day term will take act.

Please make sure that you receive an undamaged package (if necessary open the

package in the presence of the postman). Do not in any case accept a damaged

delivery (e.g. an opened box or similar) since by doing this you implicitly confirm

the reception of damaged items.