General terms and conditions




Van Buuren Borduurwerk has registered all of the following names and productions, and will handle as the same company serving the same general terms and conditions described below as of 31 June 2013;



De Borduurboer


The company has set ground at the following address. If any contact has to be made, Tegendraads is located at the following location, unless specified otherwise.



Willem Ruyslaan 26a
3036 ES
The Netherlands


Telephone: (+)316 20397184


Opening hours are Monday – Friday; 10:00 – 17:00 GMT+1


Email address: info[at]


KvK-nummer: 32099711

VAT number: : 0338.83.932.F01


All of our prices include 21% Tax, as stated from 2013 and on.

Unless specified otherwise.



The following terms and conditions apply to every offer of Tegendraads and signed and therefore agreed to the customer. This is a bonding contract between Tegendraads and the consumer.

Before agreeing to buy a Tegendraads product, these terms and conditions will be shown to. Either physical or electronically. If any complications apply, we are obliged to physically read these terms at our location specified above, or be sent as a hardcopy to the person who requested them free of charge.

We will check as to how far we are able to process your order. Only then will we decide if we can accept your order. This is done by us sending out the order. If you have supplied us with an email address you will receive an email response from us showing we have received your order. By acknowledging your order or dispatching your parcel, our part of the contract will have been fulfilled.


We send out your order within 7 days after receipt of your order. Unless otherwise specified individually agreed upon. If you request a specific date to process your order, we'll wait until that day so it does not arrive too early. 

We will send the order to the specified address, if specified wrong by the consumer, Tegendraads cannot take responsibility for the lost goods.

In addition, to details about the item on offer, you will also receive information on when it is available. Please remember, however, that this information is not a binding or guaranteed shipping date, but simply a guideline indicating the anticipated date.

All items which are not available on the date of shipping will have to be re-ordered, there will be no subsequent deliveries. You will be informed of this situation as soon as possible. Generally a 30-day term will take act.

Please make sure that you receive an undamaged package (if necessary open the package in the presence of the postman). Do not in any case accept a damaged delivery (e.g. an opened box or similar) since by doing this you implicitly confirm the reception of damaged items.


Tegendraads stands for the best quality and services in the best possible matter. If any complication arise, such as, incomplete quality, incorrectly specified product arrival. We guarantee atleast one year warranty over the clothing Tegendraads sells, unless specified otherwise. This only applies to normal use, and unless this can be proven otherwise, the warranty is voided. Washing instructions are sent with the product and are to be followed up upon. Unless specified otherwise, we use cotton from a factory that is beyond our reach of quality control, and therefore Tegendraads will not be responsible for the two years of factory warranty. We ensure that any B-grade cotton will be sorted out of the standard stocks, and will be  advertised as such. B-grade does not include the warranty specified above.


You can cancel any order within 14 days with stating an reason, either by writing to us (by letter or e-mail) or – if the goods where supplied to you before the end of this time period - by simply returning the goods. The 14-day period starts upon written receipt (when you get your invoice) and not before receipt of the goods. In order to comply with the statutory cooling-off period, it is sufficient to have dispatched your cancellation or the goods within the specified period. All returns and notes of cancellation should be sent to the following address;


Willem Ruyslaan 26a
3036 ES
The Netherlands

In the event of a valid reason to cancel, this should be agreed between either side to be valid. If you are unable to return the goods to us, or can only return them in a deteriorated condition, you will be required under certain circumstances to reimburse us for their monetary value. ‘Deteriorated condition’ refers, for example, to altered, laundered or worn textiles/clothes/shoes or similar. This does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is solely due to them having been subjected to the kind of examination that you would carry out in a shop, for example. Unless specified as a B-Grade product, in this case no returning or cancellation is possible. As agreed upon by ordering and/or purchasing the product.

You can also prevent having to reimburse us by avoiding the use of goods as though they were your own property and by not undertaking any other actions which could impair their value. In the event of cancellation, please ensure that you return the goods to the address above. You will be required to bear the direct postal cost of return if the value of the returned goods is less than €50,00 or possibly at a higher value of the returned goods – if you did not advise us of your intention to return. In any other case (damaged item or wrongly sent item) then return of goods is free. Any obligation on our part to refund return postage costs will be completed within 30 days. This period starts for you with your cancellation, for us with the receipt of it.

If any doubt exists about Tegendraads productions, our product, store and work can be seen on location as specified above, without appointment unless thy has decided to visit us outside of our working hours. As specified earlier.


The safety software we use, SSL, (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts all personal information (like name, address, credit card number) you enter in our website. This information is not accessible to any third-parties whilst you are connected to our server with the SSL protocol. SSL encrypts all information that you pass to us over the internet using a unique key that only we can access. The following information Is encrypted and therefore secured with us; Personal information, such as your Name, Adress and Telephone number. Login information, Payment information, and emails sent to us.


All prices specified on the website and shop are valid. Upon payment, the consumer agrees to the specified price. From that point and onwards the amount cannot be changed by both parties. If a offer is running, the price will be respecified to suit the offer. If this is limited, you will be thoroughly informed until the expiration date.


Closing Dates for Special Offers are shown on the Webshop and/ or site

Special Offers are short-term offers with absolutely no Stock Guarantee. The offer is valid as long as stock lasts.

For customers from outside the European Union: Valid Legal Jurisdiction is that of our registered business address.

If you are an underage customer (a "minor"), we will need the signature of one of your parents or a guardian.

Please don’t send us any cash with your orders (we cannot accept any responsibility for post we don’t receive!)

As the supplier, we are allowed to send you partial deliveries, and you, as the purchaser, are required to accept this type of delivery.

In your own interest, please ensure that the package you receive from the postal service is intact. Never accept a defective consignment (e.g. a torn package) from the parcel delivery service.

Despite careful stocking, items offered may sell out more quickly than anticipated. We work on the basis that we will deliver the articles you order as long as stocks last. This is especially true for special offers/limited offers.

We warrant that goods supplied by us are free of manufacturing or material defects. Unless graded B-grade. In accordance with the law, you are entitled to issue a justified complaint known as a "notice of defect" for goods supplied by us. We are not liable for the suitability of the goods for a specific use intended by the purchaser.

If you reside within the European Union your local consumer rights laws may be applicable.

All deliveries are subject to these terms of delivery.

If not stated, all textiles consist of 100% Fair trade Cotton.

In accordance with Legal ruling, you are entitled to reclaiming on faulty goods for up to 2 years. We are not liable for the suitability of our products for a certain purpose. We recommend that you check all items for faults upon receipt of a delivery.

You are entitled to all legal rights in case our goods have flaws (2 years warranty claim). We do not grant further guarantees. Obvious flaws of goods are to be reported to us immediately after reception in written form. If not reported all other warranties on our behalf referring to this expire. We recommend you check all goods immediately after you receive your parcel.

Special offers are only valid while supplies last.

All prices are in Euro’s (EUR) including the local VAT. The price at the time of ordering is the valid price for online orders. Errors and omissions excepted. Only when ordering from the shop: We reserve the right to change prices at any time.

If you claim that your order is exempt from VAT then we require you to contact us to register you on the system before we can process any valid VAT refund for an order.

The delivered goods remain our property until fully paid for.

The information on this website is protected by copyright. Reprints, even extracts must be authorized by the publisher.

Deliveries are subject exclusively to the above-mentioned Delivery Terms in the version valid at the time the order is placed.

On rare occasions we do experience losses whilst in transit. Please allow 10 days    for the package to arrive from the date of despatch. If this time elapses and the    goods do not arrive, please contact your local post office to check that no goods are being held. In the unlikely event that the package is not being held, please contact  us,  who will be happy to assist in sending a replacement.

Please be aware what if we are not contacted within 30 days of placing a order, no insurance claim can be made and you will be unable to claim any loss from our shop.